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The Open Rewards Layer for the Digital Economy
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The Node Connecting Every Rewards Program

The Me Protocol is a blockchain protocol centered around a specialized Automated Market Maker (AMM) designed specifically to connect the world's rewards systems. Its modular infrastructure allows for 'trustless interoperability' between individual reward systems. The Protocol allows anyone - brand, company, individual, government, non-profit, DAO, etc. - to build instantly interoperable rewards into their products and services, without limitations. We call these rewards Frictionless Open RewardsTM and they are the currency for the global rewards economy.


Plug-and-play Open Rewards


Create seamless customer experiences

Powerful and Simple

Modularized infrastructure to power any rewards program.

Dual-Value Algorithm

A unique algorithm invented to govern the Me Protocol's AMM, specifically designed for the nuances of rewards.
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Liquidity Management

Sophisticated liquidity management means parties can control the liquidity of their assets without needing 3rd party LPs.
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Direct Redemptions

Users do not need to 'exchange' their rewards when redeeming offers. The Me Protocol effectively 'skips' the swapping process.
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Integrated Bounties

Bounty pools are baked in to the Protocol and can release rewards for fulfilling tasks assigned by parties, such as promoting a brand on social media.
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Integrated Treasury

No need to maintain off-protocol treasuries.
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Cross-Platform Interoperability

Rewards generated on one platform can be used across ecosystem.
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Me Protocol AMM

Powerful AMM,
Limitless Possibilities

The Me Protocol's Automated Market Maker is unique, designed for the nuances of reward assets.

New Market Rule

Allows for market forces, while ensuring a level of control for brands.

Enhanced Control

The Me Protocol allows pool creators greater control over their pools.

Automated Bounty Collection

Built in ‘bounties’ collection durign transactions

Customer Acquisition Incentives

A kind of 'tipping' between parties when customers are shared.

Direct Redemption

Allow users to skip the swapping process. Brands only receive their own rewards.

Pre-Qualified Data

Leverage unique data insights to optimize reward programs.

Building the Global Rewards Economy

5x your rewards by integrating with the Me Protocol

Open Rewards Stack

Common Infrastructure
The Me Protocol is designed to be extensible and serve as the central node in the global rewards economy.

Ease of integration
Tooling, services, SDKs, integrations and more are being aggressively developed to serve the evolving needs of the ecosystem and strengthen its competitive advantage.

Businesses can build apps that integrate directly on the Protocol (e.g. Me Marketplace). This is called the ‘Application Layer’ in the diagram above and is where most participants will interface with the Me Protocol.

Anyone - brand, web3 protocol, startup, individual, government, non-profit, DAO, etc. - can build instantly interoperable rewards into their products and services, without limitations by integrating with one of the layers of the Open Rewards Stack and become part of the Me Protocol Ecosystem.

Featured APp

Me Marketplace

Brands easily issue and manage Frictionless Open RewardsTM that can be redeemed across any connected brand with zero knowledge of tokens needed. Plug-and-play e-commerce integrations for automated offer management. Cutting-edge marketplace for easy reward redemption.
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