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Me Protocol

The #1 way to optimize customer loyalty. Instant cross-brand redemption of rewards with one simple integration.


Reduce defection rate by 3X

9 of 10

Customers prefer Open Rewards Programs


Consumers who use their rewards spend 20% more.

Open Rewards Platform

Apps integrating with the Me Protocol, such as the ground-breaking Me Marketplace, allow brands of any size to can create rewards that can be instantly redeemed across loyalty programs from around the world. We call these Frictionless Open Rewards, and they give brands all the control of a closed program with all the retention and new customer acquisition benefits of an open program, with one simple API integration.

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Me Marketplace

  • Consumers can directly redeem their rewards across products and services from any connected brand - its that simple.

  • Plug-and-play integration for immediate onboarding of businesses, whether you have an existing rewards program or are just beginning.

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Me Protocol

  • Behind the scenes, we have invented new technology that makes open rewards work at scale, and cross-brand redemption fair and frictionless.

  • With our Smart Automation, there is no need to have any previous knowledge or experience with open rewards. Everything from liquidity management to market-making can be fully automated.

Increase Customer Retention

Retain, Reward, Repeat.

1 / Higher Retention Rates

Customers are 3x more likely to defect if they don't use your rewards. Instantly 4x the value of your rewards with Me.

2 / Higher Frequency of Purchase

We increase the mental touchpoints your customers have with your brand to keep them coming back.

3 / Higher Transaction Value

Customers who use their rewards tend to spend 20% more.

Acquire New 

Drive revenue, reduce costs.

1 / Attract new customers with rewards

Expose your products to customers from around the world.

2 / Minimize customer acquisition costs

Acquire new customers for <$2 per customer.

3 / Use our unique data to target hard-to-reach customers

Use rewards data to target and incentivize customer personas across your marketing channels. 

Loyalty Coalitions
Frictionless Open Rewards™

Frictionless Open Rewards™ offer equitable, cost-effective participation in a multi-vendor system with reduced complexity and none of the headaches of traditional coalitions. No need to negotiate with any other brand. Complete control - your rewards, your brand. They're scalable, offering unlimited redemption options, with full transparency, optimized for maximum ROI.

Open Rewards QuickStart Program

Elevate your brand with QuickStart's 2-month journey into Frictionless Open Rewards™. Dive into a whirlpool of expert insights and strategies, refining your design, acing training, creating explosive co-marketing campaigns, and mastering data analysis. Scale new heights with our strategic blueprint!

Keep your current loyalty program

$0 costs to participate

Scale up with ease

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